Sri Ramakrishna

Sri Ramakrishna: In this body two persons live: God in the form of an Avatar, and God in the form of a devotee. An Avatar's devotees come with him and go away with him.

Rakhal: So you must not go away alone, leaving us behind.

Sri Ramakrishna: The religious mendicants appear quite unexpectedly out of the blue. They sing and dance, and again they disappear quite unexpectedly. Hardly anyone recognises their aspiration. Similarly, spiritual Masters appear and disappear without being recognised. (Sri Ramakrishna closes his eyes for a minute.) I tell you all that a life without renunciation is no life at all. Renounce your ignorance. Renounce your knowledge. Renounce what you have and what you are.

(Excerpt from a full-length play on Sri Ramakrishna entitled Drink, Drink My Mother's Nectar)