Swami Nigamananda

Swami Nigamananda's disciples always considered their Master to be an Avatar, although he never told them that he was one. But they all believed that this was the case, and they did not hesitate to speak of his greatness to others.

One day Swami Nigamananda told his small group of disciples that he was not an Avatar. "Nobody should call me an Avatar," he said. "Nobody should even think of me as one. I am a mere God-lover. Like you, I have been evolving from the stone life, and I have had quite a few human incarnations. In this incarnation, I have realised God. I have achieved perfection, and I know what the transcendental Truth is. I want to give you all my possessions. I have already given you the key. You have just to unlock my heart-door and then take whatever you want, as much as you want. It is not necessary to have an Avatar of the highest order as your Guru. An ordinary God-realised soul can give you everything you need for your own God-realisation."