Bijoy Krishna Goswami

There was a God-realised spiritual Master named Bijoy Krishna Goswami who lived in East Bengal. In his early life, he had a wife and children. Instead of earning money to support his family, he used to spend all his time in meditation. His wife would scold and insult him mercilessly, and this made him very sad.

One day Bijoy Krishna Goswami's Master came down from the Himalayas to visit him. The Master saw that the wife was really bothering his disciple and so he decided to take her away to the Himalayas. He used his occult power and made her form extremely subtle. Then they flew to the Himalayas with their subtle bodies.

When the husband realised what his Master had done, he started laughing. "How compassionate my Master is!" he said. "My wife and I were quarrelling day in and day out, so to give me a little peace of mind he has taken her away for a short time. While she is gone, I will be able to meditate without any interruptions!"

His children soon began to miss their mother, but he consoled them, saying: "My Guru came and took your mother to be with him and his friends for some time. But do not worry. He will return her soon."