Part V — Cultural luminaries


Narada (to Ratnakar, a notorious robber and murderer): Thousands of times you have acted like an animal. Now you cannot even repeat Rama's name. You can only say 'Mara', which is 'Rama' said the other way around. All right then, say 'Mara'. With a soulful heart if you pray every day, repeating the name Mara, Rama will come to your rescue. He will forgive you, he will liberate you. It is to you that he will give the glory of immortalising him here on earth. You will write his biography, you will reveal him and manifest him. You will be the harbinger of his coming. When he comes down into the world and operates on the physical plane, you will see that the biography which you have written about him will immortalise you. He has chosen you to immortalise him, Ratnakar. And the day you start writing his biography, Lord Rama will enter into you and change your name. When you start writing his biography, your new name will be Valmiki the Sage.

IMI 93. Excerpt from the play My Rama Is My All.