There are two aspects of God: God the visible and God the invisible. Again, we can say that the two aspects are God the farthest and God the nearest.

The outer run takes us to God the farthest. While we are going to the farthest, God shows us the beauty of nature, the beauty of Mother Earth. And when we go to God the nearest, as soon as we breathe in and breathe out, we feel God the nearest in the very depths of our heart. Both are the same. In one aspect, God is God the visible.

In another aspect, God is God the invisible. Similarly, in one aspect, God is God the farthest. In another aspect, God is God the nearest. They are the same.

When you run outwardly to cover the length and breadth of the world, you meet with God the farthest. At that time, nature's beauty helps you. Mother Earth comes with her boundless compassion, affection, love, joy and pride to bless you. You have a very beautiful soul, Jesper, a very aspiring soul. When you pray and meditate, the way we are praying and meditating, you approach God the nearest, right inside your heart. Inside our heartbeat we feel the presence of God the nearest. What can be nearer than this?

We need both God the farthest and God the nearest. With our outer run, we want to see how vast God's world is. When we see the outer world and all its beauty, we are very pleased. Then again, we also want to see God the nearest, the dearest, the fondest. He is also fond of us. That is why we see Him right here, inside our heart. Because He has tremendous Sweetness and Fondness for us, He has chosen to be right inside our heartbeat. This is God the nearest.

God the farthest and God the nearest are one and the same Person. This moment, He is farther than the farthest; next moment, He is nearer than the nearest. When we see Him in Siberia, He is farther than the farthest. This is how we take part in God's Cosmic Game.

When we feel God in the very depths of our heart, while we are breathing in, we are so pleased, so happy. We want to see the quality and capacity of our dearest One, who is inside us. Then He shows us His infinite Capacity. He encompasses the whole world, the entire universe. When we see the One whom we love, we are curious to know how great He is. Immediately He tells us, "Do you want to see My Greatness? Look!" Then He shows us His entire world and His entire universe.

This is how God's Cosmic Game goes on. He is the nearest; He is the farthest. He is the dearest, sweetest and fondest.