Throughout the lift, and specially at the end, I was invoking the Blessing-Light, Compassion-Light, of my Beloved Supreme. That is what we all must do when we want to achieve something momentous, something fruitful in our lives. Sleeplessly and breathlessly, inwardly and outwardly, we must invoke the Compassion-Light of our Lord Beloved Supreme if we want to achieve something divinely great and supremely good in order to manifest Him here on earth.

In the inner world miracles do take place. At every moment, there are countless miracles, but they are not called miracles in the inner world. They are mere incidents. But in the outer world, when something unusual takes place, we call it a miracle. Again, it is nothing but the inner light that comes to the fore to increase our faith in our own spiritual life, in our oneness-life with our Inner Pilot. God Himself manifests something that will help us to increase our faith in Him.

We all must increase our faith in our Inner Pilot every day, every hour, every minute, every second, if we want to make the fastest progress in our spiritual life. And our spiritual life encompasses the outer life. We have accepted the world in order to illumine it and transform it and make it a reliable, dependable, suitable and, finally, choice instrument of our Lord Supreme.

The outer capacities must blossom from the inner qualities and capacities. These inner capacities come from God's unconditional Compassion and the outer capacities represent His unconditional Satisfaction.

The inner life of aspiration and the outer life of dedication must go together, together, together. When the highest Will wants to manifest Itself in and through the physical body, the physical body must develop receptivity so that in the outer life, soulfully and devotedly, we can bring to the fore what we have within. Here I am not extolling myself to the skies. Here I am only offering my gratitude-heart sleeplessly and breathlessly to my Lord Beloved Supreme, for He chose me to be an instrument of His to manifest His divine Light in and through the physical plane.

Try to be one with the Will of our Lord Supreme and try to manifest His divine Will, supreme Will, in and through each action of your daily life.