Question: When do you know that you have achieved all that you wished to achieve in a certain lift?

Sri Chinmoy: I am now lifting 155 pounds with both arms simultaneously. But I do not want to see the future. If I want to know the future, I can know easily. But I always allow inspiration to carry me as long as God wants it to carry me. By opening up my third eye, I can know God's Will. Then if God wants to change His Will, I immediately obey Him. As long as God wants me to do something, I will continue doing it.

It is always good to be a discoverer instead of an inventor. Then we get more joy. God has kept everything inside us, only we have to discover that hidden truth, hidden light. If we start inventing, then we become the doer, whereas, if we are the discoverer, Somebody else has done it and that Person is God.

Question: Of all your lifts, which was the hardest?

Sri Chinmoy: The one that I cannot lift. Seven thousand pounds I lifted; only your third eye is needed to see the invisible! Three hundred pounds I failed so many times; God wanted the world to value patience. That is why 300 took such a long time. Then a few years ago, it took me many tries to lift 213 pounds.

The hardest thing is to lift up the human consciousness. It is like trying to straighten a dog's tail! The last time you straighten it, you have the feeling that it is going to remain straight. But again it curves to become even more curled. In the same way, we feel the consciousness of human beings is not going to drop again.

Before you lift up metal plates, you remember that they are going to fall down. But it is infinitely worse with human consciousness. Before you lift it, you know it is going to fall down. What is the use of lifting it? You know that like glass it will break. That is why you get such bitter experiences when you try to raise the consciousness of human beings.