It is the wish of every human being to fly in the sky. If we fly in the sky, we believe that we will become as vast as the sky itself. Then we will enjoy freedom, the real freedom, divine freedom. The whole purpose of these lifts is to have inner freedom. With inner freedom we get peace of mind.

This is a tangible way for me to be associated with the flight of the aeroplanes. In an outer sense, lifting up aeroplanes is great fun. In an inner sense, there is a great symbolic meaning. An aeroplane reminds us of how we want our consciousness to fly from country to country throughout the length and breadth of the world, in the skies of Infinity. Aeroplanes bring countries closer than the closest and, at the same time, they give us the message of the unknowable Infinity. Therefore, I am so happy to be prayerfully associated with the flight of the aeroplane.