Carl Lewis: Spirituality's heart-home

The champion of champions Carl Lewis is singularly spiritual precisely because every single day he prays to God the Creator and serves God the Creation. Soulfully he prays and self-givingly he serves.

King Carl of the athletics' world not only knows but also has humility in abundant measure. Our king is also hallowedly endowed with a clarity-mind, simplicity-life and purity-heart.

Thinking at each hush-gap positive thoughts is his birthright.

Upon his sympathy-winging heart-bird he goes to the southern sea and southern sky of the continent of Australia from his own America the Beautiful to unreservedly offer his soul-stirring, heart-elevating and life-fulfilling inspiration, concern and encouragement to fulfil the fondest dream of a little dying boy. His is a bleeding heart that he offers to save the lives of kidney and other vital organ failure-victims by imploring the world of compassion-flooded generosity to cure the unimaginably ill-fated sufferers.

Sleeplessly and breathlessly, Carl's lifeboat plies between God-reliance-shore and God-manifestation-shore in challenging the destructive injustice-volcanoes and fighting for the conclusive establishment of justice-light in the world of athletics —- Numero Uno and Supremo, Carl stands unsurpassable.

The Roman emperor Julius Caesar proudly declared: "Veni, vidi, vici" — "I came, I saw, I conquered." Our emperor Carl prayerfully, sweetly, softly and charmingly whispers, "I came to love, I came to serve, I came to become a humbly chosen instrument of God to love Him and serve Him in His own Way lovingly, self-givingly and unconditionally."

For a universally great individual to accept spirituality is almost an impossible task. But, to our greatest delight, our Carl's Himalayan high greatness has in genuine humility surrendered to his ocean-vast goodness.

Carl, spirituality's Divinity is in your heart's beauty. Carl, spirituality's Immortality is in your soul's fragrance.

Carl, I admire your lightning-champion-speed-legs, I adore your streaming God-tears-heart, I love your ever-blossoming God-smiles-soul.

Finally, I salute you, Sudhahota, my Sudhahota, my students' Sudhahota, unity's Sudhahota, unity in diversity's Sudhahota, Divinity's Sudhahota, the unparalleled sacrificer of Immortality.