Meditating on the heart

The heart is the source. From the source if concentration goes upward to the Third Eye or the crown of the head, there is nothing wrong in it. But we have to start our journey in the heart. Inside the heart is the soul. The consciousness of the soul permeates the entire body, but the special dwelling place of the soul is inside the spiritual heart. So when we enter into the inmost recesses of the heart, from there we derive real soul's love.

Love can go up to the head or it can go down to the feet. But if love comes from the heart first, then it is purified. If love does not originate in the heart, then it is vital love, which is not pure. If pure love, heart's love, soul's love, can permeate your entire being, it can purify and divinise your whole existence. When the entire physical existence is inundated with love, only then can we have the universal feeling of oneness.

Once you have got your inner wealth, which is love, from the source, then you can use it anyplace. But its actual dwelling place is in the heart centre. All the centres have love, but the heart centre has more than any other centre. Love is the special province of the heart centre: other centres are for other spiritual and occult powers.

You have to know what you want from a path. If a particular path is a path of knowledge, intuitive knowledge, then naturally the Master will tell his disciples to meditate on the Third Eye. If he says that his path is a path of love, then immediately he will tell his disciples to meditate on the heart.