Ogo Nirakar Chile Ekakar

Ogo nirakar chile ekakar
Kena e rachana, eta prarochana
Kena e tatini ban
Kena bahi samiran
Kena shato bhoi kena byadhi jara
Kena kande sada janani basundhara
Dudiner tare ese
Mora sabe kende hese
Nahi jani kotha habo ekakar


O formless One, alone You were.
Why have You become many?
What motivated You to grow
Into many forms and shapes?
Why have You created
Murmuring rivers and thick forests
And wild wind?
Why, why?
Why have You created teeming fears,
Ailments countless?
Why, why?
Why does Mother Earth untiringly cry?
Just for a short time
We enter into the world-arena and depart.
We know not why.
But the hope of oneness
Permeates our entire existence-reality.