My words, their melodies24

There is a song for which the words are by Chinmoy Ghose and the melody is by Chinmoyananda Saraswati. His name was Chinmoyananda Saraswati and my name is Chinmoy Ghose. From him I learnt the song He partha sarathi, another song and this one.

The words to this song are mine, but the melody is by him. Only the first stanza I remember. There are at least twelve stanzas. If ever I can find the whole song, you will be able to learn it. This was a song that was sung by Dilip Roy at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram playground.

Sri Chinmoy sings:

Chal chalre o bhai chal Chal chalre o bhai chal Peyechi amara mayer ashish amrita sahasra bal…

I can say that at the Ashram, in front of the Mother and eight hundred or one thousand people, this song was sung.

Another song of mine we sang at the farewell of our German coach. The Mother gave him the name Saumitra. His German name was Werner Haubrich. Many stories I have told about him. For his farewell I composed that song and we all sang it, all the athletes. While we were singing the song, his eyes were streaming with tears. That song another day I shall sing. These are the two songs of mine that we sang in front of the Mother.

This second melody is also not mine. The words are mine, but the melody is from somebody who was very, very dear to me. He wanted to give me an old bicycle of his. Alas, the Mother said, “No!” Then, two days later, I received a bicycle from the Mother, almost brand-new. His bicycle was very old.

This dear friend was from Chittagong. He was a great singer. His eldest son was extremely, extremely devoted to me. He went to Germany. There he studied and he got married to a German girl. Once he was riding a motorcycle. His wife was sitting behind him. They had an accident and this dearest brother-friend of mine immediately went to God. Nothing happened to his wife, but alas, he died instantly. Luckily they did not have children.

The father was a very close friend of ours and his whole family was close to us. They were very affectionate to us. His sister was fifteen or twenty years younger than me. Believe it or not, when she was very young, I taught her French for a few months. She was a very good student. Now she has become a professor and a college or university has sent her to Texas. From there she wrote to me that I must go and see her; she cannot come and see me. Alas, I could not obey her command!

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