Remarks at the home of the Ramamoorthy family

ITU 25-72. On 24 June 2006, Sri Chinmoy and a number of his disciples visited the home of Mr. B. Ramamoorthy and Mrs. Lakshmi Ramamoorthy and their sons, Madhu and Raghu, where they enjoyed a delicious dinner prepared by Lakshmi. These are excerpts from their wide-ranging conversation.

The Peace Corps29

The Peace Corps started with President Kennedy. I love and admire the Peace Corps. The Peace Corps will save the world, not other corps.

ITU 25. Mr. Ramamoorthy noted that, while he was working at the Indian Consulate in New York, he and his colleagues met the first batch of Peace Corps volunteers. Sri Chinmoy made this following comment.

Sri Chinmoy, I thank You, Agni Press, 2014