Part IV — Awareness of the Master's height

Awareness of the Master's height

It is difficult for you to be aware of my height all the time because always I am mixing with you people. On the sports field I run the hundred metres and I suffer from leg cramp. Then you say, "Oh, so-and-so defeats Guru; that person also defeats him. What kind of Guru is he? If he had spiritual power, then naturally he could beat them." When ordinary people think of spiritual height, they feel that constant miracles must be performed, they feel that I have to beat everybody at everything, that I have to be always on the Himalayan peaks while everybody else is at the foot of the mountain.

But you have to know that a spiritual Master comes into the world not to be a sports champion and not to do miracles at every second. Miracles I do perform. Every day I do millions of miracles. But they are of a different kind. When I concentrate on you people, when I feed your souls, that is my miracle. So many people on earth are crying for light, but there are very few spiritual Masters on earth who have really realised God. I am not the only one who has realised God; but I wish to say that there are very few Masters who are really realised and who are really serving God in humanity. Others are just fooling the world, and those who are being fooled naturally are greater fools. That is why the so-called spiritual world is being exploited.

You have been coming to the Centre for one year or a few years. I am sure that at least one day when you looked at me, you saw something in my eyes. So many times I have meditated in front of you and brought down my highest consciousness. Definitely you must have seen something in my eyes. When you see something in me during the meditation, I tell you, like a magnet you are pulling it towards you and then it becomes your property also. Once you see something in me or receive something from me, it does not remain my sole property. Immediately it becomes your property. When we meditate and our consciousness goes up, we just spread our wings. Then it is for others to see and feel and grow into the Reality that we embody.

The consciousness that you liked best, that gave you the greatest joy, you may have seen perhaps six months ago or eight months ago. But try to remember that that is your goal. Try to feel that this very thing you will have tomorrow or two hundred years from now or four hundred years from now. Or even the next moment you may reach that consciousness.

Sometimes during meditation, some of you try to imitate the way I look and the movement of my eyes. But you have to know that there is a great difference between the way I meditate and the meditation that you show. Some of you stand in front of me and pretend to be in your highest, but I know what kind of meditation you are doing. You are thinking that everyone should come and look at you, because you are doing what I do. When I do this kind of thing, I am feeding all the souls; but you are doing it only to attract the attention of the people who are beside you and in front of you. I am a spiritual thief. Secretly I enter into you and I try to bring something into you. But I see that you are only trying to attract attention.

Now, whom are you fooling? You may be fooling the rest of the disciples, but you are not fooling me. I come with utmost compassion and say, "This stupid fellow is deceiving all the other disciples and they are trying to imitate him. They think that he is the best seeker. Now, what will I do? If I tell others that he is exploiting their innocence, then he will be mad that I have exposed him. And if I don't tell, others will have the wrong impression and will try to imitate him." But I feel that it is better to tell the truth. If I tell, then I will hurt only the one individual who was deceiving the others. The rest of the disciples will immediately try to rectify the same failing in themselves. Also, they will not try to imitate that particular person in their own meditation.

During meditation all of you have seen my height. But later, when you see me playing with tops and all kinds of things, you have to feel that still I have not cut off my link with the Highest. Look at the root of a tree. It is under the ground, but it always keeps its connection with the topmost branches which are going up, up, up. So, you have to think of me as a tree. I am the highest, topmost bough and, again I am the root. Even when I come down, I don't lose my height because I know that the highest, topmost branch is also mine. When I play with you people, when I cut jokes and do all kinds of things, then you say, "Guru eats the same food that we eat and does everything else that we do. So, if he can realise God, what is wrong with us?" Your mind may ask, "If he has realised the Highest, then why is he not there all the time?" But in one part of my consciousness I am always in the Highest; again, in another part I have come down to your level so that you can go up. Otherwise if I remain always on the topmost branch of the tree, you will only strain your neck and say, "Oh, it is beyond our capacity to reach his height." But I do come down and at that time if you say, "Guru, I am ready now; I want to be on your shoulders," then I will lift you up. I will climb and you will go up with me, for my highest is your goal.

Once you touch something, you get the consciousness of that thing. But it is up to you to enter into that consciousness. When you place your hand on even a drop of the sea, you get the vibration of the vast ocean. When you touch the foot of a tree, you get the consciousness, the vibration, of the whole tree. The tree is aspiring to grow into the highest and its vibration is soothing, protecting, compassionate and full of patience. When I am playing with you people or cutting jokes and all that, you are catching me at the foot of the tree, but you are getting the vibration, the consciousness of the whole tree. When you climb up the tree, it gives you great joy. You go so high. What I can give you when you enter into my highest consciousness is boundless Peace, Light and Bliss. But again, if you cannot remain all the time at the top of the tree, then try to touch any part of my consciousness and you will get the vibration of the highest. Even if you remember the sweetest, most innocent thing on the earthly level, that will also help you to remain in my consciousness. You don't have to worry about my highest. Think of me on any level; get me at any level. Then, from there, automatically you will get the pull to go to the highest. You won't remain all the time at the foot of the tree. There comes a time when you will climb up. You don't remain in front of the ocean all the time. There comes a time when you enter into the ocean and swim. Similarly, you don't have to remain all the time in my relaxed consciousness or my joking consciousness. After some time you will be able to go up. And that is your goal: to reach my highest consciousness.