Part I: Discourses


Peace. Peace is love unmistakably realised. Peace is joy unreservedly shared. Peace is oneness soulfully expanded. Peace is fulness permanently founded.

The animal consciousness is completely unaware of peace. The human consciousness is rarely aware of peace. The divine consciousness is constantly and lovingly aware of peace. The supreme Consciousness is constantly, lovingly and blessingfully aware of peace.

Peace is the inner man’s inner goodness. Peace is the outer man’s outer greatness.

Goodness proceeds. Goodness loves. Goodness serves. Goodness proceeds along Eternity’s Road. Goodness loves God the Creator. Goodness serves God the creation.

Greatness succeeds. Greatness sings. Greatness dances. Greatness succeeds in the battlefield of life. Greatness sings the real victory-song. Greatness dances the real freedom-dance.

Goodness reveals God the Silence-Creator. Greatness fulfils God the sound-creation.

The inner peace and the outer peace are interdependent. The inner peace grows. The outer peace glows. The inner peace feeds. The outer peace leads. The inner peace grows with Infinity. The outer peace glows with Eternity. The inner peace feeds the divine in us. The outer peace leads the human in us.

The inner peace reveals God the transcendental Beauty. The outer peace fulfils God the universal Duty. The inner peace constantly awakens us to a higher and supreme reality.

Peace. The nations that seek peace more than anything else are divinely excellent. The individuals who seek peace more than anything else are divinely excellent. The nations and the individuals that have peace, both inner and outer, are supremely perfect.

The outer world hungers for power. What else is power, if not peace? The outer world hungers for satisfaction. What else is satisfaction, if not peace? Peace-power illumines the earth-consciousness. Peace-satisfaction fulfils the Heaven-reality.

Man hungers for world-dominion. Man thinks that world-dominion will give him satisfaction. To his wide surprise, he finds that world-dominion is nothing short of sense-slavery. World-dominion is another name for shameless treachery. Not world-dominion, but world-union; not world-conquest, but truth-quest: this should be our aim.

Peace is self-mastery. Peace is God-discovery. The inner man who is fully awakened knows that self-mastery and God-discovery are of paramount importance. God-discovery is God’s Satisfaction in man. Self-mastery is the perfection of man in God. Man’s perfection in God and God’s Satisfaction in man can change the face of today’s world. Today’s world can be transformed into God’s Perfection-Dream, which is flooded with Light and Delight, only when we the seekers cry for peace - peace alone.

University of Vermont Burlington, Vermont 19 January 1980