Joel Martin: When you play music as a spiritual Master, a Guru, your music is therefore spiritual. But if I did not know you were a Guru, how would I know if your music were spiritual?

Sri Chinmoy: We all have a heart. You have a heart, I have a heart. Spirituality means softness, sweetness, kindness, sympathy and the feeling of oneness. If anybody plays or sings a spiritual song, there will be something inside the heart that is bound to feel an inner connection with the music. The individual does not have to see the singer or the musician. But the music immediately establishes a kind of friendship with the person because the heart has already become receptive to the music. So you do not have to know what the music represents, as long as you can become one with the essence of the music. You do not have to know which language it belongs to, no. If you can establish oneness with the music, then you will derive immense joy, light and delight from it.