Joel Martin: If I wanted to, how could I make my music spiritual or help create a more spiritual kind of music?

Sri Chinmoy: If we enter into a new place, a new home, and we see something totally new, then we try to bring that very thing into our system. If we pray and practise meditation, then our whole nature will become spiritual. If we did not pray and meditate, then our consciousness would have been totally different. Spirituality is something that we can practise. Meditation is something that we can practise. If we practise meditation soulfully, and if we become part and parcel of this soulful meditation, then naturally we are bound to be helped in our outer life, whether we are becoming a musician or something else.

The inner life has to accept spirituality first. Then the outer life will become an expression of the inner life. So if we pray and meditate and become spiritual, and then start playing music, then naturally we shall express the things that we have received from our prayer and meditation. Before we play, if we can meditate for even two or three minutes and acquire an iota of peace or bliss, then this peace and bliss will definitely enter into our music, into our instrument, into our voice. Then our music will automatically become spiritual and divine.