Joel Martin: Sri Chinmoy, as well as being a musician and songwriter, I know that you are a prolific writer and poet. How are you able to create so many thousands of poems?

Sri Chinmoy: I myself am the first person to doubt this achievement. If I say that I create, then it will be a mistake; it will be a falsehood. But if I say that I become an instrument of my Inner Pilot, this is absolutely true. I am just executing the Will of my Lord Supreme by becoming a humble instrument of His. He executes His Will in and through me. At that time there is no such thing as impossibility. Of course, I pray to Him and meditate on Him. But it is not I who create. It is He who creates in and through me, and on the strength of my own receptivity, I offer His creation to the world at large. But the creation that we see is actually done by the Lord Supreme within me. I am not the creator; I am just a mere instrument of His.