Joel Martin: I understand about reincarnation and this earthly world, but what will happen to your disciples when you leave this earth?

Sri Chinmoy: If they are sincere and devoted, then they will not have any difficulty, for they know that I have an inner connection with them. I have the capacity to guide them inwardly. Right now I have students, disciples, all over the world. Some of them only see me on the physical plane once or twice a year. But they have an inner connection with me. So they can easily maintain the same inner connection when I leave the body.

There are many spiritual Masters who have left the body, but their disciples are still living on earth. They do communicate. How do they communicate? On the strength of their concern. The Masters have concern and the disciples have aspiration. If the disciples maintain their inner aspiration, and if the Masters maintain their concern for the disciples, then naturally they will feel each other’s presence.