Part II: Interview on Wbab-Fm's "Long Island Spectrum"

Interview with Joel Martin3

Joel Martin: Sri Chinmoy, I welcome you. It is a pleasure to see you — a man of peace and love — and ask you many questions on behalf of my listeners. Perhaps the first thing to ask you about is meditation. You are a Master of meditation and understand very well what that means. How do we begin to understand what meditation is, the nature of meditation?

Sri Chinmoy: At the very outset, I wish to tell you that meditation is not a thing to be understood. We understand a thing with our mind. But proper meditation we do with our heart, with our soul. It is very difficult for us to have a free access to our soul, but at least we can feel the presence of our heart. So we meditate in the inmost depth of our heart. The heart feels; the heart does not think. When it is a matter of understanding something, we use the mind, but pure meditation is far beyond the realm of the mind.

In our meditation we try to achieve an inseparable union with our Inner Pilot, the Supreme. Right now, all of us believe that there is a Creator, unless we are atheists. If we believe in the existence of God, then we have to go one step further. We will try to see Him face to face; we will try to have a free access to His inner Reality; we will try to communicate with Him. Meditation is the way to have communion with God in a most perfect manner.

3. These excerpts are from an interview with talk show host Joel Martin, broadcast on 21 May 1977.