Mahavira accepts female disciples

A particular king was killed in a battle and all his wealth was taken away. As a result, his young daughter, whose name was Chandana, was left completely helpless. One day she was walking along the street in a very sad mood. A rich merchant passed by. Seeing the princess, he enquired after her welfare. Chandana asked him if she could obtain work in his house as a maid. The merchant felt very sorry for Chandana and immediately offered her a position in his household.

Unfortunately, Chandana was so beautiful that the merchant's wife became very jealous. "This girl will create all kinds of problems for me," she said to herself. The wife did not dare to ask Chandana to leave the house but she took the opportunity to torture her whenever she could.

It happened that Mahavira once came to the merchant's house. As soon as Chandana saw him, she ran and fell at his feet. She begged Mahavira to accept her as his disciple. Mahavira gladly accepted Chandana, and with her he began his order for women.