Mahavira's dearest disciple

Mahavira had eleven main disciples. The Jainas refer to them as ganadharas. Among them, the first and foremost was Indrabhuti Gautama, the learned pandit who had come to one of Mahavira's discourses with the intention of exposing him as a fraud.

Like Ananda, who was the Buddha's dearest disciple, Indrabhuti was deeply devoted to his Master. On the last day of Mahavira's life, in the year 527 BC, Mahavira gave a most moving sermon for Indrabhuti's benefit. In it, he urged his disciple not to halt before reaching the final Goal, but to make all haste to cross to the other Shore.

It is said that Indrabhuti was so inspired by the words of his Master that he achieved enlightenment the same day.