Striking similarities in the early lives of Vardhamana and Siddhartha

The Buddha was born into a Jaina family. So, too, was Mahavira.

The Buddha's parents were Kshatriya rulers. Even so, were Mahavira's.

The Buddha's mother, Queen Maya, dreamt of several most significant symbols prior to the Buddha's birth, including an elephant and a white lotus.

Mahavira's mother, Queen Trishala, dreamt of fourteen special symbols prior to Mahavira's birth, including an enormous white elephant and a lake filled with lotuses.

The soothsayers who were summoned by each queen to interpret the dreams foretold in both cases that the child to be born would be either an emperor on the physical plane or a great spiritual leader.

The young Prince Siddhartha enjoyed unbounded wealth. The young Prince Vardhamana also had everything for the asking.

Prince Siddhartha married and had a little son called Rahu. When Rahu was a mere babe, Prince Siddhartha left his wife and child to go out into the world and seek illumination.

Prince Vardhamana married and had a little daughter called Priyadarshana. When she was yet a child, Prince Vardhamana also received an inner call to leave his wife and child and go out into the world and seek illumination.

Both princes renounced all their possessions and became wandering ascetics.