Part VI — Song-Offerings

Mahavir Vardhaman

Mahavir Mahavir Mahavir Mahavir
Minati akuti bhakati pranati mama shir
Tirthankar tirthankar antar taba kripa nirjhar
He Vardhaman he Vardhaman he Vardhaman
Maha sadhanar maha muktir maha sandhan

Mahavira, Mahavira, Mahavira!
In prayerful supplication I bow my head to you.
Do accept my soulful obeisance.
O Pilgrim of the Highest, ever wandering free,
Your Heart is a ceaseless Compassion-Fountain.
O Vardhamana, O Vardhamana, O Vardhamana!
By virtue of sleepless and breathless askesis
You made the discovery supreme:
Each bondage-life can and shall attain
Liberation of the Beyond.