Question: When you meditate you become very, very still. Even if you are standing up, your physical doesn't move at all. You can become like a statue if you want. How can you do that?

Sri Chinmoy: The rest of the time I shout and bark and become restlessness-prince, but at that time you want to know how I become poise incarnate. The physical has to be a perfect instrument for manifesting the inner wealth that comes from beyond the physical. Take the eyes, for example. When I offer light, I offer it through my physical eyes. When I am doing something very high and sublime, it is the stillness of the physical that can hold the sublimity, profundity, equanimity, divinity or supreme reality that I am bringing down. What I am bringing down is being expressed in the physical. It is not stiffness; it is poise. My inner poise in my physical is like a solid, adamantine wall; it is the inner poise that keeps the physical extremely solid and hard. At that time my physical has become a perfect channel to manifest the inner tranquillity on earth. Anything that we have has to be manifested through the physical for the earth-consciousness.

Although the physical is standing still, it is running the fastest. My body, my physical, has become one with my inner self. Outwardly you can see the stillness, but inside the stillness itself is my inner vision, my inner range. To your physical eyes it will appear like stillness, but if you had realised God, then you would see that the stillness is not a static stillness at all. The physical perception is stillness, but the inner perception sees that along with the stillness is the fastest movement of my inner being, which is covering the length and breadth of the world with its inner range and inner vision.

So if you use the physical eye, then it is stillness; and if you use the inner eye, then you see that the inner being is moving faster than the fastest. If you can use both the inner eye and the outer eye, then you will see that my being is at once still and dynamic. It is dynamic and static at the same time. The static aspect you see and the dynamic aspect you do not see with your physical eyes; but they are absolutely interdependent.

I saw it as dynamic, Guru, but I don't think anybody else in the world could do what you do.

Sri Chinmoy: Very good.