Question: Occasionally I see a little flash of light, a tiny light that goes in your eye and travels all around. Sometimes it travels in a definite pattern and I watch it while I am meditating on your picture. What does it mean?

Sri Chinmoy: The spiritual significance I can give, and if that doesn't satisfy you, then you can go to the doctor and see if your eyesight is all right. But I wish to tell you that the light that you see is inner light, and you are seeing it with your inner vision. You are seeing a subtle light around my eyebrows or around my eyes, which belong to the physical in me. This indicates that your inner vision has accepted the physical and also is encouraging the physical. When you see the light circling around my eye, you have to know that my physical part has become one with your aspiration. I embody the aspiration of the physical in you and in all the disciples. While you are aspiring you are seeing the physical in me as well as the spiritual in me. The two cannot be separated. The light is the spiritual in me and the eyes are the physical. The spiritual is always trying to help the physical. So your aspiration, your inner cry right now is crying to be supported or encouraged or fulfilled by the spiritual.

When you think of yourself, think that inside the physical is your inner cry, your aspiration and your dedication. This aspiration and dedication will not go on in vain; they will be crowned with success. They will be garlanded by the physical and the spiritual. The physical inside you is aspiring and the reality from above, from deep within, will come and garland the aspiration of the physical.

So the light that you see is the light of the Beyond. When you see it circling around the eye, it means that the spiritual is encouraging the physical in order to elevate and transform the physical and fulfil the message of the higher reality. The physical is aspiring and a response is coming from the reality and divinity beyond the physical. Very good experience, wonderful experience!