Question: Why do we sometimes think that we are in a bad consciousness or a good consciousness and later you tell us we were in a different consciousness?

Sri Chinmoy: Today we had a divine competition among ten disciples to see who did the best meditation. Do you think that there is anybody who did not hope that he would be first? The student cannot be the judge. On many occasions his intellect works and he thinks that he does extremely well. But I am dealing with your soul. I am not dealing with your mind or physical or vital. I am interested only in the consciousness that is in your heart, in your soul. If you had thoughts just for a few seconds, it will not affect your consciousness. If your board is white and you have touched one spot with a dark finger, I may not see the spot. I see the large view, the whole wall. You are seeing where you have put the dot, but I am not seeing that portion. With my compassion I am seeing the whole wall. But if you make a spot again and again and again, then I see that you are the culprit.