Part II: Mundane, funny and illumining questions and answers

JH 2-15. During an informal gathering on 3 December 1977, Sri Chinmoy invited his disciples to ask him "mundane questions, funny questions or illumining questions." The disciples meditated for a minute, and then began asking him questions. These are the questions and his answers.

Question: Is there spiritual significance to body-building?

Sri Chinmoy: Body-building is like house-building. If the house is strong, then you can live inside the house for a long time. Of course, quite unexpectedly if a cyclone or an earthquake takes place, then the house will be demolished. But otherwise, if the house is very strong, then it lasts for a long time. Similarly, if the physical is strong, then it is easier for the soul to manifest its divinity. Of course, the soul's influence operating in and through the body has to be felt. So body-building I do appreciate and admire. It is a real necessity for the seeker to keep a very strong and powerful body.