Question: When we set our alarm and we don't get up to meditate, what should we do?

Sri Chinmoy: When the hour comes, feel that it is the most important moment in your life. When we sail in a boat with others, we should be fair to the boatman and the passengers. The boatman is ready, but one passenger is delaying. It is time to sail the boat, but although the boatman shouts and screams, that person is not getting up. We are a spiritual family. If one member is delaying everyone, it is your duty to scold him and say, "What are you doing? For you we shall all be delayed." If someone does not get up, at times I have shown a compassionate face and at times I have shown a face of displeasure, irony or terrible disgust, or I have scolded the person mercilessly. If some close disciples do not get up in the morning, I will first show a sad face and then a distressed face. Nothing works permanently, but sadness sometimes works for a few days. If somebody sees my sad face, then he will make every effort to meditate for a few days. Again, some people feel that they don't need to meditate regularly. So what can I do? No matter what kind of sadness or distress I show them, they will not meditate regularly,