Part IV — The jewel of humility: an interview

JH 22-33. The following is drawn from an article entitled "The Jewel of Humility" which appeared in the November 1975 issue of the New Age Community, a monthly publication published by the New Age Community Centre in Vancouver, B. C., Canada. The New Age Community staff interviewed Sri Chinmoy at the Vancouver International Airport as he was departing after a brief visit to Victoria, where he had given a talk on the devotional path of life. (The New Age Community is hereafter referred to as NAC.)

NAC: It is a great honour to meet you; we've heard a lot about you over the years. What does your work generally consist of?

Sri Chinmoy: My work is love and my work is service. I try to love mankind and I try to serve mankind according to the limited capacity that God has granted me. To love Him in aspiring mankind and to serve Him by serving mankind — this is my only work.