Question: Does colour have as much importance for an artist as it does for the spiritual seeker?

Sri Chinmoy: It depends on the artist. If the artist is a seeker and he cares for the significance of colours, then if he is drawing, he may give more importance to colours than an ordinary artist. If this artist is a seeker, then he will know that blue represents Infinity or that blue is Krishna’s light. Then while he is using the colour blue, he may think of Krishna or he may think of Infinity. In that way, if he is a seeker, the artist will get much from his inner knowledge of the significance of different colours. If he knows in the inner world what a particular colour signifies, and if he wants to project this quality to the outer life in his painting, then his inner knowledge will definitely help. Again, there are artists who do not know these things and do not care for them, but who have an inborn inner inspiration. And through that inspiration they do wonderful things.