Wonderful world

Jharna-Kala is a wonderful world. When you see Sri Chinmoy's paintings on display, you are simply overwhelmed by the abundance of colour and design. Individually and collectively, the paintings convey the artist's confidence in his vision. You know or sense that each design, pattern or space was not created by chance, but rather by inspiration.

Sri Chinmoy says of his art: "The way people see my paintings entirely depends on the consciousness of the viewers… But, in my case, if I have to be the judge of all my paintings, then I will say that they have a childlike tendency… Maturity is there, but from the highest spiritual point of view, this maturity is all simplicity."

Each artist has the responsibility to create art that is true to his vision. There must be a sense of timing, a sense of truth, proportion and, of course, satisfaction. The artist lives with the hope that each viewer will experience that moment of creation, the intimacy of the vision, the satisfaction in its manifestation. Ultimately the artist hopes that the painting will have a positive, lifelong effect.

Sri Chinmoy, first and foremost a meditation teacher, has found in Jharna-Kala a means to convey and share his meditative experiences and elevated states of consciousness. Even more than most artists, he hopes that his paintings will have a transforming impact on the viewer. In fact, that is the only reason Sri Chinmoy paints at all.

Like an old friend, Jharna-Kala has no barriers or secrets. You are immediately taken into its confidence, and it into yours. There are no doors to open — only a vastness to explore and a joy to be felt with the heart.

(by Pulin Sumner)