Question: How can man's law best be used as an instrument of God's Justice?

Sri Chinmoy: Man's law can best be used as an instrument of God's Justice when man's law surrenders to God's Justice. Man's law and God's Justice are two different things. Man's law will have the power of a dictator; always man's law makes us feel that it is superior to the reality in which we are living. But God's Justice does not do that. God's Justice is oneness based upon impartiality. Here it is not a question of superiority or inferiority, but only of oneness, inseparable, universal oneness. But in the case of man's law, it is always one inch higher than the life that we live, so there is a sense of separativity. If man's law wants to do the right thing and become a perfect instrument, then man's law has to act like God's Justice. It has to have inseparable oneness with the Reality that we are living, without being partial.