Question: When a case in question gets all the way to the Supreme Court, how can the few judges who have to make the decision bring some spirituality into the case?

Sri Chinmoy: One does not have to take the case to the Supreme Court to find spirituality. Spirituality can easily be found in the lower courts or in the hands of the lawyers and the judges. Again, we have to know that unspiritual people and a lack of spirituality will always be there at the present stage of evolution.

Spirituality has to start with the individuals who have made the laws and who are going to pronounce the verdict. It is the individual lawyer and judge who have to see the true spirituality inside the case itself. If truth is lacking at the very start of the case, if judges have no light, no wisdom, in the lower court, then it is almost impossible to bring light into the legal system. Only if the root has truth will the trunk and the topmost boughs also have truth. If the roots are lacking in truth, then it is almost impossible to see truth and light in the topmost branches of the reality-tree.