Question: What should we feel about the laws in this country that limit the things that certain people may do?

Sri Chinmoy: The laws that limit and stifle the possibilities of certain people are undoubtedly not God-made laws. These laws do not come from a higher source. These laws are made by people who want to maintain their supremacy and violently prevent others from running abreast with them. All should be given the same chance; each individual should be allowed to shine according to his merit, his inner receptivity and his outer capacity. In a race, all the runners start from the same starting point. Then we notice that some are superior runners, while others are not. But if we do not give everyone the same chance, if everyone does not start from the same spot, then how are we going to know who is the champion? An equal chance must be given to all and sundry, and then the Divine in us will see who wins.

Life is nothing but a game. From the spiritual point of view, the loser and the winner can have true joy and satisfaction only by placing the result-experiences, whether they come in the form of victory or defeat, with equal joy at the Feet of the Supreme.