Question: How can you best distinguish between morality and the Supreme's Will under the law in a given situation?

Sri Chinmoy: We can easily distinguish between morality and the Supreme's Will. When the mind tries to judge a particular situation after finding out the pros and the cons, that is morality speaking. Morality is always in the mind. But the Supreme's Will we hear in the innermost recesses of our heart and not in the mind proper. When we hear something in the mind, the intellectual mind or the doubting mind, it will immediately be contradicted. One moment the mind will say that this is good and the next moment the same mind will come and contradict it. When this happens, we know that morality is coming into play. Morality is very good. If it were not for morality, we would all have remained animals or we would all now go back to the animal kingdom. But infinitely higher than morality is the Will of the Supreme, and this we can know directly from the voice that we hear inside the very depth of our heart.