Mr. Utsunomiya: Yes, I fully appreciate what you have just said. Speaking about the theory of deterrence again, I doubt very much that what those people are calling the nuclear deterrent is functioning in any way. Rather, it's the certain degree of rationality, morality, intelligence and good conscience of those in leadership in their respective countries that is keeping war at bay. These qualities may be limited, but they are really keeping the world from nuclear destruction. As a politician, my basic policy, my most important political pronouncement, is that we should reduce the useless arms and, if possible, get rid of them entirely. That is my basic stance in my political life.

Sri Chinmoy: I admire this wisdom most soulfully. If I am doing something wrong, if all at once I cannot stop, then I will stop little by little. If I tell lies ten times a day, then I shall take an oath that from tomorrow I will tell lies only nine times a day. The day after tomorrow I will lie only seven times, and the following day only six times. Like that gradually, gradually it will become zero. If I increase my lying, I will feel miserable. But if I start decreasing and decreasing my bad habits, then I will feel some satisfaction.

Here also, if every month I have been making a certain number of weapons, then I will gradually make fewer and fewer and fewer. Then in six months or one year or two years, I will completely stop. This is the most effective way to rectify my mistakes. Slowly and steadily I will come to the right path.

Another thing also I can do. If I have done something wrong to you, I shall try to compensate for the damage that I have caused. But compensation in itself is not enough. I must do something on the strength of my sympathy and oneness so that you will not only be happy but actually forgive me. I must do more than just stop doing this thing. I have to do something to rectify it, so I give you as much as I can to make you feel that I have established my oneness with you.

There are quite a few things that America and Japan are doing together, and it gives them such joy. For example, Japan invites American runners to come to its friendship race. The whole world is running-either running towards destruction or running towards perfection. When the Japanese and Americans run together on Friendship Day, it is a great achievement. Both parties have forgotten their rivalry and animosity, and they are running as friends. So let this friendship increase from one day to two days. Gradually let it become 365 days of friendship and then another 365 days. If we have established friendship, how can there be any dispute, any quarrel, any fight, any war?