(Sri Chinmoy presents Mr. Utsunomiya with the banner of the Peace Meditation at the United Nations).

Mr. Utsunomiya: Thank you very much. Can I keep this?

Sri Chinmoy: Yes! This is for you. I am offering this with my heart's infinite gratitude. We are two brothers sailing in the same boat.

Mr. Utsunomiya: You will live longer than I will, but I am so honoured to hear that. Thank you.

Sri Chinmoy: But no matter where you are, your soul will bless us. You may not be in the body, but from Heaven you will bless humanity. You have been blessing humanity for 80 years, and I pray that you will continue to bless humanity for at least 20 more years. In India we talk about people living 100 years. I understand you are 80. So I pray that for at least 20 more years you will be in the physical to bless the world.

Again, it is not age that matters but the inspiration, aspiration and dedication that you are showing. This dynamism of yours will spread all over the world. This is most important. Otherwise, people live to a ripe old age, but they do nothing for mankind. In your case, at every moment you are serving humanity. So every second of yours on earth is so precious. I am a lover of peace and you are also a lover of peace. We are in the same boat, The Japanese are blessed to have you here.

Meeting you has been a very memorable experience for me.