Sri Chinmoy: My Indian life is bowing to you, an illumination-soul of Japan, for your supreme blessings.

Now I wish to offer a soulful song to you, our most esteemed Brother-Friend, Mr. Matsumoto. This song I composed, and now some of my students from Japan, America, Canada and France will sing it. The song is written in Bengali, my mother tongue, so first I wish to read out the English translation.

Akishige Matsumoto,
Ceaseless aspiration-fire you are!
In you Japan has discovered
Benevolence-fulness unparalleled,
That sleeplessly shines
In your life's meditation-light.
O flower-blossomed heart of Japan,
India has flung open her heart's door to you
And is beckoning your
aspiration-peace-flooded eyes
And offering her soul's oneness-love.