Mr. Utsunomiya: (Referring to a booklet he helped publish): Have you seen this?

Sri Chinmoy: Yes, this is the one that I read, and also the other one about your experiences.

Mr. Utsunomiya: This is a handy, small booklet, as you see. It is easy to hand out to people. So whenever I go to the U.S. and elsewhere, I take a few of these booklets and distribute them. Many American friends of mine already have copies. It's not a matter of us disliking Americans — not any more — but rather it is a matter for the whole of mankind to remember that this has happened in the history of mankind.

Sri Chinmoy: If we remember our deplorable mistake, then we will not repeat it. But if it escapes our memory, then we may do it again. A child touches fire and burns his finger. Then after a few months, he may totally forget and then again he may go near fire and be burnt once more. But if he remembers, then he will not go near fire. Similarly, if the Americans remember what they did, then they will not repeat it and the world will not get the same experience.