Author's introduction

Books on dreams can never, never be accurate. When the person sees the dream, it is one thing; when he tells it to others, it becomes totally different. This is the main reason why occultists and others find it difficult to give the proper significance of dreams. A person dreams one thing, but in telling others he sees that it becomes totally different or very vague. Then the occultist must concentrate very powerfully to tell on which plane the dream occurred.

There are many dream worlds. As there are seven higher and lower worlds, there are also many dream worlds. If someone sees a dream in a particular world, then its significance there will be one thing, and if he sees it in a higher dream world, that will be a totally different matter.

I have read quite a few books on dreams. I laugh and laugh because some of them are so absurd. But now that I have written a book on dreams, I must also laugh at myself because all I can do is give a general idea about the subject.