Question: But what is the good of having a dream like that?

Sri Chinmoy: It only makes you feel that this is not your first or your last incarnation. You were something and you knew some people before. If they were not good people, then you will know better people in this incarnation. It encourages you in this way. If you have not done something in the past, you can do it now, and if you don't do it now, you can do it tomorrow. This is the purpose of reincarnation — so that if you have not done something, you will be given the opportunity to do it in another life.

If you saw an uninspiring person in the street yesterday and today in your dream you see that person again, what benefit do you get? When you saw him yesterday, you didn't get anything. By having a dream of that person, you still don't get anything. But if that particular person was very spiritual, sincere and aspiring, then you got inspiration from him when you saw him. And at night, if you see the same person in a dream, then you get additional inspiration. If you see aspiring people, it is a blessing. But if you see unaspiring people during the day, it is a waste of time, and if you see those people at night, it is also a waste of time.