Question: What happens when we dream about you?

Sri Chinmoy: When you have a dream of me, all your beings are fed with joy. The outer being will get the result in a day or two or three. But if you don't have any dreams about me for two, four, six months, that doesn't mean that you have made no progress. If you meditate well you will get the same result. But if you see me in a dream, it is a sign. It is not that I shall only flatter you. Sometimes I may scold. As I scold outwardly, I can also scold inwardly. It is for your good that I am doing it. It is another opportunity for you when you have a dream of me. Those who live near me see me so many times in the physical world. But the dream world is also a world where people can approach me.

If you see me in a dream in the morning, it often means that your heart or soul has made a special effort to commune with me. Or it may happen that you have not made any effort, but that I want to see you, because I feel that your heart needs special treatment. That is why you see me.