Question: What is the best way to learn the meaning of our dreams? Does it do any good to read books?

Sri Chinmoy: If you read books for the interpretation of dreams, each book will give a different answer. Perhaps each book is right in its own way. But you have to get your own interpretation from your dreams. When you have a dream, try to feel your own existence in the dream; try to feel that you are inside the dream itself. Those who meditate daily will not find it difficult to do this, because when we meditate for ten or fifteen minutes in the morning or in the evening, we widen our consciousness.

Right now our consciousness is separated into three parts. At this moment we are in the waking consciousness. But when we sleep we will have another consciousness: sound sleep, deep sleep. Then we have a third consciousness: the dream state. But one who meditates widens his consciousness to embrace all three planes.