Question: If in a dream we feel deep love for someone, how can we best carry detached love into our outer relationship?

Sri Chinmoy: If in a dream we feel deep love for someone, we must try to know whether this love is an emotional love. If it is vital emotional love, then immediately we have to offer both our love and the object of our love to the Supreme in us. This kind of dream is like eating cake. First of all, we shall try not to eat the cake at all, because of the weight problem it will create for us. But if we find that we have to eat the cake, then we shall do so secretly. Outwardly we shall be afraid to eat the cake, because the world will see us and laugh at our greed. But the best thing is not to eat the cake at all, not even in secret. If inwardly we consciously do something wrong, then it is very difficult, almost impossible, to detach ourselves from it; therefore, we should always try to be fully alert so that in our dreams we do not do the things which we should not and would not do in our waking hours. How can we be aware in our dreams? We can be fully aware in our dreams by developing more and more conscious will-power in our waking hours.