Question: What does it mean when you see colours in your dreams?

Sri Chinmoy: Each colour has a spiritual significance.1

In a dream you may not see any person or hear any words; you may just see flashes of light. When you see light in your dreams, you have to know that this light is going to enter into you and is going to manifest in you and through you. When you know the meaning of this light, immediately you will be able to interpret these dreams.

When you see a pure white colour in your dream, immediately you should know that divine purity and the divine consciousness of the Mother is entering into you. The universal Mother has all colours, but pure white light happens to be her dearest colour and it is through this colour that she manifests herself. So her consciousness will come as pure white light.

Similarly, if you see a pale blue colour, you have to know that it indicates infinity, spirituality, great power. Green indicates new life, vitality and dynamism. If you see green light, it means that new life has dawned. When you see the colour red, you will know that divine power is entering into you.

JSD 3,2. Sri Chinmoy's book Colour Kingdom gives the inner significance of 52 colours.