Question: How do dreams materialise? Can they be prevented from doing so?

Sri Chinmoy: There are many worlds. A dream is an incident that is taking place in the psychic world, the mental world, the vital world or some other world. When a person dreams in the mental world, the dream has to come to the vital world for manifestation before it comes to the physical world. The physical world is the last world in which we see it. It is like climbing down a tree. When the incident takes place in the mental world, after a short time it tries to come down to the vital level and from there it tries to come down to the physical level.

But it can happen that some incident may take place in the mental world which may never take place in the physical world. If the vital world resents it, it can prevent this incident from taking place. The vital is like a bodyguard, a soldier. If the vital allows it, then that particular incident eventually takes place in the physical also. Dreams need an opening to enter into the vital, and from there, if they get another opening, they enter into the physical. When the vital opens its door, the incident in the dream comes to the physical and materialises there. It is the same thing with diseases. If a disease first enters into the mind, the disease can be prevented from entering into the physical. First it takes place in the deeper or higher regions, and then when the vital allows it, it takes place in the gross physical.

Very often we have dreams and do not recollect them in the morning; but the incident that took place is most authentic, and it will eventually materialise. Again, there are many things which do not actually first take shape or form in the mental or psychic world. Many incidents can come into being directly from the universal Consciousness. When the physical can expand its consciousness, like the wings of a bird, many things happen. It can draw experiences directly from the universal Consciousness, without passing through the mind or the vital. Also, if you want to negate anything in the mental world, you have to be able to enter into the universal Consciousness and draw energy from there. Once you have free access to the universal Consciousness, then you can go and fight in the mental plane and be successful there.