Letter to Kofi Annan3

12 October 2001

Highly esteemed Secretary-General,

…This momentous and historical achievement of yours and of the entire United Nations — receiving the centenary Nobel Peace Prize — is truly an unparalleled achievement for all humanity… At a time of unimaginable suffering, today’s announcement has given precious hope and boundless joy to countless millions of peace-lovers and peace-servers throughout the length and breadth of the world. You offer a clarion call at every hush-gap for the family of nations to join together for the benefit of all… Through your stellar leadership and through a myriad of global programmes which you have initiated, the United Nations has become the heart-home of the entire humanity. Now the peace-loving world immediately and confidently looks to the United Nations to solve its most pressing problems…

KA 84. Excerpt from a letter written by Sri Chinmoy upon hearing the momentous news of the Secretary-General's receiving the Nobel Peace Prize for 2001.