Soul-stirring writings of Mrs. Nane Annan

The United Nations, Come Along with Me! by Mrs. Nane Annan is an exquisitely moving book for children — the dreamers of today and the builders of tomorrow. It is a very intimate, very inspiring and very encouraging message from a mother to her world-children.

In her most inspiring, illumining and uplifting book, the First Lady of the United Nations has established her inseparable oneness with children’s hearts. Therefore, this book is a must for each and every child to know all about the United Nations and the Secretary-General.

"Children are the losers in wars."

How prophetic this utterance of Mrs Annan is! In wars, children have no present, no past and no future. They have never had a past to carry inside their hearts; they lose what little wealth they had been given from the present; and they are cruelly denied the future.

Most definitely, the real losers in war are children. Their parents have stayed on earth for some time. They have given to Mother Earth and they have taken from Mother Earth. But the children have neither had the opportunity to offer to others, nor to receive from others.

When their parents are suddenly snatched away, their hope-sun is eclipsed.

"The United Nations is working to make sure that every child can go to school."

Here Mrs. Annan is bringing to the fore so lucidly the hopes and promises of the United Nations.