Author's introduction: the Mother aspect of the Divine1

God is both Mother and Father to us; He is both masculine and feminine. The Kundalini power is the power of the Supreme Goddess, the power of the Mother aspect of the Divine. Sometimes the Mother wants to play with Her children who like to see their Mother's Power; or sometimes, in order to see the strength of Her children, She plays all kinds of games. Then She comes down to the children's level to show them how much power and strength they can get if they behave well, if they do well. The children are charmed; they are fascinated. They feel, "Mother is so strong; Mother is so powerful."

The Mother has to come down considerably in order to show Her Kundalini Power. She shows some miracles and the children want to learn how to do it. The Mother says, "All right, first learn this kind of game." Then She shows her highest Power, highest Consciousness. At that time the children are dumbfounded. They say, "Oh, Mother is like that!" Then they start practising love, devotion and surrender. When they see the Mother in Her highest Form, which is Her real Form, then they feel that these Kundalini powers are nothing. They are like playing with little flames and fires.

Kundalini power is power, true; but it has a tremendous restlessness. Kundalini power is most of the time like a monkey; its quality is restlessness. But real spiritual power, the Supreme Mother's Power from the highest level, is not restless. When we use spiritual power and offer peace, it is real peace.

Even if we use Kundalini powers for the right purpose, we won't be able to offer infinite Peace, infinite Bliss, infinite Light that way. No matter how many miracles we show, the person who sees them will be pleased for only five minutes and then he will be jealous because he does not have this power. Then, when we do not show him the power the next time, he becomes mad and doubts. He will think that we have limited capacity, that we can do miracles only from time to time. Kundalini power can perform all kinds of miracles; but when it is a matter of elevating someone's consciousness, it won't be able to elevate the consciousness even one inch. For that we need spiritual power, the power that comes from the Supreme Goddess at Her highest level.

KMP 1. This introduction by the author was added in the 1974, second edition of the book.